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Water Filters Dangerous

A selection for You: OPG: Nuclear Waste Dump On Lake Huron Will Be ‘harmless Forever’More than a decade into a $24 billion-plus project that will not break ground for “quite a few years,” assuming the appropriate licenses are forthcoming, two spokespeople for Ontario Power Generation pronounced OPG’s proposed nuclear waste dump on the eastern shore […]


What Turns Water Filters Black

A selection for You: WIRED Space Photo Of The Day: Speedy StarRoguish runaway stars can have a big impact on their surroundings as they plunge through the Milky Way galaxy. Their high-speed encounters shock the galaxy, creating arcs, as seen in this newly released image from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope.         … […]


Water Filters Wilderness

A selection for You: Up Up And Away! New Season Of "Aerial America" Soars On February 23 At 8PM ET/PTThis season, "Aerial America" soars across the states of Texas, Idaho, Utah, Kentucky, North and South Dakota, and Wyoming. … Read News Didn’t Find What You Were Looking For? Try Google Custom Search