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Algae Scrubber

A selection for You: Basics Of Building An Algae ScrubberFebruary 2011. What is an Algae Scrubber? It is a device you build yourself which grows algae outside of your tank, so that the algae won’t grow inside your tank. … Content Retrieval DIY Algae Turf Scrubber.wmv – YouTubeFinding GFO in Pakistan an impossible task. Chemists […]


Disk Filter

A selection for You: DYNAMIC MODEL OF A DISC FILTERDYNAMIC MODEL OF A DISC FILTER. Jouni Savolainen, Sami Tuuri and Kaj Juslin. VTT Automation, P.O. Box 1301, FIN-02044 VTT Finland. … Retrieve Document Stage Tips Required Materials: Empore Reverse Phase Filter …Eventually this bubble will reach the Empore filter disk and be expelled from […]


Biosand Filter

A selection for You: Reed Elsevier Environmental Challenge Shortlists 2012 Projects( Elsevier ) The Reed Elsevier Environmental Challenge shortlist was announced today, highlighting five innovative ideas to provide sustainable access to safe water and sanitation. … Read News Hydraid® BioSand Water Filters – YouTubeUNC water expert, Mark Sobsey, ranked the Hydraid® BioSand Filter the #1 […]