PUTH Sent Experts to Tibet for Medical Assistance

  The Organization Department of the CCCPC, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Health and Family Planning Commission have launched the project of medical assistance toward Tibet given by groups of medical talents. Since then, PUTH has paid high attention to the project. Six experts, Yuan Jiong, the Chief Physician of General Surgery, Li Yuan, the Deputy Chief Physician of Gastroenterology, Li Hua, the Deputy Chief Physician of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Diao Yinze, the Deputy Chief Physician of Osteopathy, Wang Keyi, the Deputy Chief Physician of Thoracic Surgery, and Wang Mopei, the Deputy Chief Physician of Tumor Chemotherapy and Radiopathology, have been chosen and sent to People¨s Hospital of Tibet Autonomous Region as a group.

  On August 18th, the President, Qiao Jie, and the Party Secretary and Vice President, Jin Changxiao held the farewell ceremony for the members of the group for the medical support to Tibet as well as the members of national medical team for the medical tour to Tibet. On the morning of the next day, Secretary Jin Changxiao and responsible persons of related departments went to Beijing Capital International Airport, seeing off these medical experts heading for Tibet.

  Translated by Guo Wei. Proofed by Yang Rui and Du Jiacong.