Two Orthopedic Experts of PUTH Set off to Tian Jin for Emergency Medical Rescue

  At around 11:30 pm on August 12th, in Tianjin Tanggu development region, explosions occurred at one of the container terminals which lies at the crossing of the Fifth Avenue and Yuejin Road. An emergency notice came from the Health and Family Planning Commission that two orthopaedic experts from PUTH were needed to participate in the treatment for injuries. After their arrival in Tianji, the two experts threw themselves into medical assistance immediately. Three operations were carried out on the first night. During their stay in Tianjin, they have finished 5 surgeries cooperated with local medical staff. Treatments and consultations for large number of patients were achieved owing to their dedication as well. After finishing their tasks, the two experts have returned to Beijing.

  Translated by Guo Wei. Proofed by Yang Rui and Du Jiacong.