Shallow Water Filters

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News Restaurant Inspections Oct. 18 To Nov. 11
The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, 866-366-3723, uses a "risk-based" inspection reporting process for restaurants and other food handlers.The following inspection reports were completed Oct. 18 to Nov. 11:Autentico Latino Restaurante, 356 S. Prince St., Oct. 31. Cans of food stored directly … Read News

News Summer Daze
My manager bore a suspicious resemblance to an early ’90s Paul Simon. Even now, I’m not sure he wasn’t Paul Simon; I could count the number of times that I saw him in real life on one hand, and let it be known that that summer lined up with the 25th Anniversary Graceland Tour. It was just another detail in my Kafkaesque summer working as a lifeguard at the pool, a shallow and scarcely-visited … Read News

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