Small Industrial Water Filters

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News It’s Not Just Lead: Common Chemicals Threaten Childhood Develpoment
One in six children is diagnosed with a developmental disorder. Environmental toxicity may be one of the key causes         … Read News

News GM Facility Solves Tough Waste Challenge
ROCHESTER, NY–Dec. 2, 2013: Perseverance and creativity enabled a 75-year old General Motors manufacturing facility here to go landfill-free. The journey took four years and included seven attempts to recycle a challenging oily filter sludge generated from a machining operation. … Read News

News Oil Mist Separators Promote Safe, Healthy Working Environment.
GREEN LINE series separates 100% of fluid particulate down to 1 µm, 91% at 0.9 µm, and 82% at 0.75 µm. With HEPA filter as final cleaning stage, series ultimately delivers 99.997% clean air. Single rotor and disc size is used for all separators and works with emulsions or straight oils. For different air volumes needed to accommodate cabins as they increase in size, additional rotors are added … Read News

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