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About About.com Freshwater Aquariums – Wet/dry filter – A …
A definition of the aquarium term wet/dry filter. Definition: Wet/dry filter is a device for enhancing bacterial nitrification in which the medium upon which bacteria attach is not submerged, but rather moistened by water pumped over or through it. … Read Article

About About.com Saltwater Aquariums – Choosing A Filtration System …
There are fewer plumbing and gravitational problems (water your fish-only tank can be set up without an undergravel filter. For your filter your eyes. With the reef system your live rocks, corals, plants, sponges, anemones, etc., will act as your biological filter, so a filter bed … Read Article

About About.com Freshwater Aquariums – Power filter – A Definition …
Definition: A power filter is any water purification device that operates by pumping water under pressure through a medium. … Read Article

News Doin’ Stuff That’s Already Been Done
For most of the summer I was catching up on maintenance at the HouseWorks Project House. … Read News

News Eco-tourism Ideas Shared During Connellsville’s 2nd Sustainability Fair
By Marilyn Forbes, Daily Courier A small group of volunteers started out with a mission to make a difference in Connellsville by helping to bring the city toward a more … Read News

YouTube DIY Straw Moving Bed Filter Experiment – YouTube
I was experimenting on the Moving Bed Filter by using straw that i cut into small peaces, bottle water and air pump. … View Video

Wikipedia Water Chlorination – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Water chlorination is the process of adding the element chlorine to water as a method of water purification to make it fit for human consumption as drinking water . … Read Article

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