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News A Massive Acid Spill In Mexico Has Turned This River Red And Toxic
More than 10 million gallons of sulfuric acid from one of the world’s largest copper mines spilled into two major rivers—the Sonora and the Bacanuchi—in northern Mexico earlier this month, cutting the water supply of 20,000 people and closing 88 schools. “If [a cow is killed], we don’t know if we can eat it,” housekeeper and farm laborer Ramona Yesenia told AFP. Civil defense official Carlos … Read News

News Solano County Firms Address The Business Of Drought Survival
The impact of California's ongoing drought is being felt by municipalities, households and businesses statewide, even as state officials issue water-use guidelines and many cities wrestle with a variety of water-conservation ordinances. … Read News

News 7 Faqs About Whole House Water Filtration Systems
Do you know whats in the water in your home? Depending on where you live, that clear liquid may well contain all kinds of nasties which are dangerous for humans to drink or even inhale. A whole house … Read News

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